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Cilantro Chutney Chicken

Gluten Free Soy Free Nut Free Egg Free

Cilantro chutney chicken

Serving Size: 4-6

Calories per serving: 310

Fat per serving: 11.4gms

I got this brilliant idea from my friend who's a master in her kitchen. Having two kids, she always finds herself cooking or thinking of what to cook next. After tasting one piece of this chicken I was begging for more! Not only is it the easiest food to have stocked in your fridge but it's delicious too! Try this simple, quick and handy recipe which involves just a few ingredients, a hot pan and a couple hungry stomachs.


1.5/2lb chicken breasts (chopped in medium size pieces)
2 red onions (sliced thin)
spray oil
mint leaves for garnishing
cilantro chutney
2 bunches of washed and dried cilantro leaves with stem
Juice of 1 lemon
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon brown sugar
5 pods garlic
½ red onion
1 green hot chilli
½ cup cilantro chutney
4 tablespoons yogurt
salt to taste


    For the cilantro chutney:
  1. Cut the cilantro leaves an inch from the bottom and discard the stem ends.
  2. Place the above ingredients in a blender with the solid ingredients at the bottom in order to blend easily. Use a tall spoon to push the leaves down while pulsing the blender.
  3. Do not add any water; the lemon juice and blended onion will serve as the liquid binders.
  4. Taste the chutney and add more salt or sugar depending upon your desired taste.
  5. Once the mixture becomes a liquid pour into a dry jar and store in the fridge.
  6. For the cilantro chutney chicken:
  7. Marinate chicken in cilantro chutney, yogurt and salt. Remember, the chutney already has salt in it so you may want to add just a little more.
  8. Set marinated chicken aside in a ziploc for an hour.
  9. In a hot pan or skillet spray some oil and add chicken.
  10. Cook for 6-7 minutes on each side.
  11. When done add onions and cook till translucent. Serve hot, garnish with mint leaves.


Use the cilantro chutney and yogurt mixture to create a delicious spread for sandwiches or even a dip for veggies.

4 Comments to “Cilantro Chutney Chicken”

  1. Nina (Sunanda) says:

    Thank you PS- it healthy! I am so flattered that you were inspired by my recipe! I tried the cilantro version and it was DELISH!

  2. Mary-Anne says:

    I marinated the chix pieces in the cilantro-yogurt mix for a day, and decided to pop them into the oven for a good roast. Turned out gorgeous!! It’s so fragrant that my dog refused to leave my kitchen! And the taste/moisture… incredible!

    Thanks for this super awesome and simple recipe !!

    • PS Its Healthy says:

      So happy you tried it, liked it and created your own spin on it! I’ve been wanting to make this in the oven myself 😉

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