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About Us

Two foodistas with a creative streak, we started our culinary adventures together in NYC with its diverse street food and unique fine dining. From food hunts to using each other (and our husbands) as guinea pigs for new concoctions, we were always looking for ways to up the ante of our dishes. Along the journey, one of us was temporarily set back by a life threatening condition. But the one thing that kept us going was our passion for cooking…only this time with a healthy twist! {p.s. it’s healthy} is our way of passing on the little bit of magic that happens in our kitchens….to yours.

Binisha Suri

I trace my culinary passion and propensity of gastronomical experiments to my mother – a great cook, a patient teacher and the wife of a pilot who traveled  extensively and  experienced  variety in cultures and cuisines. I started my training early in my mom’s kitchen and honed  my still  “raw” skills by cooking for always hungry roommates in Loyola. I myself benefited from world travel as well as living in great cities such as NYC, Bombay,  Boston , Bangkok, Paris and Chicago where I  saw  firsthand the rich variety of ingredients, condiments, curries, sauces  and  techniques available for making the yummiest of foods. Over the last few years, my focus has shifted to  making tasty food in a healthy way.  I am excited to finally be sharing my passion for healthy + yummy cooking here with you!

Mantazh Khanna

I live to eat! There are very few things in life that can make me as excited, nostalgic, AND ecstatic at once, as good food can. It can take me from my grandmother’s aromatic kitchen-tandoor in Northern India and the Shawarma skewers of old Dubai’s back-alleys, to the smoky wok-fires of Singapore’s chicken fried rice. I’ve had the privilege of not only living in these countries but also learning to incorporate and emulate the styles and ingredients of the cultures I have been exposed to.
However, I recently went through a life changing health condition which made me realize that in order to continue experiencing life, I also need to eat right. It made me reevaluate what I knew to be healthy and exposed me to a whole new world of gastronomy. Through my recipes, I want to share with you not just the psychological and emotional experiences of delicious food but also its nutritional and healthful goodness.

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