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Sweet Corn Soup

Gluten Free Soy Free Vegetarian Nut Free

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Serving Size: 2-4

Calories per serving: 91

Fat per serving: 1.7g

This one pot soup is perfect for a quick snack or can be accompanied with hot toast for any meal. The blended veggies give the soup it's creamy base while the corn kernels offer that wholesome bite. It's delicious, quick and so simple!


2 cups corn kernels
2 carrots (chopped small)
1 stick celery (chopped small)
5,6 cups chicken or vegetable stock
1 egg (beaten)
salt, pepper to taste
spring onions (chopped for garnishing)


  1. In a pot of stock add corn kernels, celery and carrots
  2. Once the pot is boiling take about one and a half cups of the veggies (I usually blend all the carrots and celery and leave some of the corn as whole) with a little broth and blend
  3. Add blended mixture back into the pot and simmer
  4. Add salt, pepper
  5. Raise the heat to boil the soup and add the egg slowly while stirring
  6. Pour soup into bowls and sprinkle spring onions on top


Add a drop or 2 of sesame oil for an enhanced flavor.

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