Avocado is a fleshy, green fruit with a thick, hard skin that is great at preventing absorption of pesticides/insecticides into the fruit. It is usually cultivated in tropical and Mediterranean climates throughout the world and if often eaten raw in salads, burgers and other forms in many cuisines.

Avocados are considered a powerful Superfood. They are rich in monounsaturated fat that is easily burned for energy. In this way, they increase healthy fat and calorie intake without seriously increasing protein or carbohydrate intake. They are also very high in potassium and help balance the vitally important potassium to sodium ratio. This powerful fruit may also help protect against liver damage and aid absorption of anti-cancer molecules.

Avo, egg & toast
Avo, egg & toast Prep Time: 5 minutesCook Time: 4 minutes Serving Size: 1Calories per serving: 390Fat per serving: 31g Avo toast has become a staple at every breakfast table considering how delicious (not to mention HEALTHY) avocados are! I like mine sliced instead of mashed on toast so I can enjoy the texture of Continue Reading
Avocado Mint Smoothie
Avocado Mint Smoothie Serving Size: 2-3 glassesCalories per serving: 335Fat per serving: 32.1gms This simple, smooth and totally refreshing smoothie is a great way to get those natural and beneficial monounsaturated fats into your body. Known to contain high levels of vitamin E, folate, potassium and fiber, this fruit can do wonders for your skin, Continue Reading
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Serving Size: 2 sandwichesCalories per serving: 318Fat per serving: 15.2gms This kids favorite is finally made healthy with non-processed ingredients and 'hidden' vegetables. Kids love its cheesy flavor while moms pride the healthy goodness camouflaged inside. I usually like it chunky and add strips of juicy portobello mushrooms. But you can make Continue Reading
Avocado Gazpacho
Avocado Gazpacho Serving Size: 4Calories per serving: 104Fat per serving: 9.6gms Of all the gazpachos I’ve ever had, this is my absolute favorite. Its creamy, cool and oh-so-delicious. I made this soup for the first time when I wanted to get creative with avocados and wanted to do more than just a guacamole. I knew Continue Reading
Salmon Tacos
Salmon Tacos Serving Size: 6Calories per serving: 354Fat per serving: 24.3gm Congratulations Anushilla Sawhny for winning the January 2013 Chef's Hat contest! Thank you for sharing your healthy and delicious recipe with us. Read Anu's recipe summary:I'm constantly at a struggle when it comes to cooking salmon, because of it's strong taste and smell. Cooking Continue Reading
Portobello Burger
Portobello Burger Serving Size: 2-4 (depending on number of mushrooms)Calories per serving: 302Fat per serving: 15gms As you bite into this burger, you enjoy the garlicky juices of the portobello mushroom and creamy-spicy mayo immediately followed with the cooling avocado. Heavenly! Who needs a meat burger when you can have this burger guilt free?Ingredients2-4 large Continue Reading
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