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Originally found in Malaysia, bananas are a tropical fruit containing potassium, magnesium, fiber and many vitamins and minerals. Bananas are a healthy snack, filling and nutritious, providing energy and a healthy alternative to sugary snacks for kids and adults. Bananas have many health benefits, and as bananas are filling they can aid weight loss. Although a banana has more calories than an orange or apple, 90 calories per 100 g, it has greater nutritional benefit and is a good source of carbohydrate. Bananas are a valuable source of vitamins, especially vitamin A, which is essential for healthy skin, hair and eyes. You will also find many of the B vitamins, including vitamin B6, essential for nerve and muscle function, regulating mood and easing depression, and promoting healthy skin and hair. Vitamin C is also found in bananas, used to fight off free radicals that damage cells and arteries. There are also traces of vitamins E and K as well as folate in a banana. Minerals found in a banana include magnesium and calcium, with traces of iron, selenium and phosphorous–all essential in small amounts to build strong bones and teeth, regulate moods and depression and convert food into energy.

Steamed Fish Wrapped in Banana Leaf
Steamed Fish Wrapped in Banana Leaf Serving Size: 6Calories per serving: 103Fat per serving: 1.9gms This dish is a Parsi favorite and super popular among folks who have lived in Mumbai, India, where it's also known as 'Patra Fish' (Patra being the banana leaves). It's light, fresh and full of aromas of cilantro and mint. Continue Reading
Banana Bread Pudding
Banana Bread Pudding Serving Size: 4Calories per serving: 302Fat per serving: 9.5gms I tried this Banana Bread Pudding in a restaurant in NYC and fell in love with it. My only regret, as I later found out, was that it was laden with butter. So I decided to make the same dish without the guilt Continue Reading
Lemon Date Smoothie
Lemon Date Smoothie Serving Size: 3-4 glassesCalories per serving: 103 Fat per serving: 0.3gms This smoothie is a meal in itself. Great breakfast filled with the goodness of lemon juice, bananas and dates. This is our first recipe with dates and I realized how versatile this fruit is when I put it into a drink. Continue Reading
Almond Banana Pancakes
Almond Banana Pancakes Serving Size: 6-8 pancakesCalories per serving: 200Fat per serving: 16.5gms Not your typical pancake, these gluten-free pancakes are made fully with almond meal. They're crispier and crumblier in texture than regular pancakes and have the delicate taste of almonds with bursts of caramelized banana in between. I love making these pancakes to Continue Reading
Banana Chocolate Bread
Banana Chocolate Bread Serving Size: 8Calories per serving: 252Fat per serving: 10.5gms Made by special request from my hubby who is a die-hard banana bread fan, this recipe is moist, sweet and filled with chocolatey surprises in between. Its all whole wheat and naturally sweetened which makes this delightful bread good to eat as part Continue Reading
Very Berry Smoothie
Very Berry Smoothie Serving Size: 2-3 glassesCalories per serving: 113Fat per serving: 0.9gms I absolutely love this sweet blend of berries with a thick, luscious texture. A large glass is a breakfast in itself and fills you up before you know it. It’s completely dairy-free and full of nutrients from the assorted berries. Above all, Continue Reading
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