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Chicken is a great source of protein. One 6 oz. serving of chicken contains 48 g of protein. Chicken is also rich in potassium, calcium and contains no carbohydrates. The nutritional makeup of chicken makes it a healthy, filling food option. You should avoid deep frying or stir frying chicken, as this imparts a ton of calories and grams of fat. To marinate the chicken beforehand, avoid fatty dressings and instead try just a little bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper. To prevent the chicken from sticking to the pan, it’s best to use a light coating of nonstick spray.

Hot Chilli Chicken
My traditional family recipe for hot soy-based chicken Serving Size: 5-6Calories per serving: 325Fat per serving: 8.4g This chicken dish has come a long way in my family. Traditionally cooked in my grandma's kitchen, it has passed generations. We thoroughly enjoy the intoxicating aroma and flavors of this delicious meal. The ginger and garlic create Continue Reading
Thai Pumpkin Soup
Auto Draft Serving Size: 4Calories per serving: 155Fat per serving: 9.4gms This soup is my attempt at masking the sweetness of the pumpkin so that my husband (who wouldn't touch a pumpkin soup with a barge pole) would finally change his mind. Guess what...he DID!! That's how delicious this soup is. A must try for Continue Reading
Soy Glazed Baked Chicken Wings
Soy Glazed Baked Chicken Wings Serving Size: 3Calories per serving: 505Fat per serving: 18.4g I need my chicken wing craving every now and then...but not the greasy ones you get outside. I started making these oven baked wings which are even tastier and juicier than ever! Top them with the tangy soy glaze and you've Continue Reading
Chilli Chicken with Garlic Rice Noodles
Chilli Chicken with Garlic Rice Noodles Serving Size: 2-4Calories per serving: 223Fat per serving: 3.1gm This is my absolute favorite meal (thanks to my mom-in-law)! I was craving something spicy and garlicky - and this just hit the spot. The rice noodles are so light and super easy to make along with whatever veggies you Continue Reading
Chicken in a Spicy Sauce
Chicken in a Spicy Sauce Serving Size: 4-6Calories per serving: 273Fat per serving: 11.1g What can you say about chicken cooked in a spicy, zesty sauce....nothing but delicious! It’s a staple in every Indian home because it brings back those flavors right from the Homeland. Everyone’s chicken curry tastes different - try mine out, I’m Continue Reading
Cilantro Chutney Chicken
Cilantro chutney chicken Serving Size: 4-6Calories per serving: 310Fat per serving: 11.4gms I got this brilliant idea from my friend who's a master in her kitchen. Having two kids, she always finds herself cooking or thinking of what to cook next. After tasting one piece of this chicken I was begging for more! Not only Continue Reading
Chicken Soup
  Chicken Soup Serving Size: 2-4Calories per serving: 340Fat per serving: 12.5gms Homemade chicken soup brings me back to my mom’s kitchen. This soup’s ingredients give me the pick-me-up that my body needs once the winter sets in. It’s easy to make and always cures me at the onset of a cold or sore throat. Continue Reading
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