Chickpea is a legume with seeds that are high in protein. Chickpeas are also a source of zinc, folate and dietary phosphorus. They are low in fat and most of this is polyunsaturated. Other common names for the species include garbanzo bean, ceci bean, chana, sanagalu, and Bengal gram. Chickpeas are grown in the Mediterranean, western Asia, the Indian subcontinent and Australia.
Mature chickpeas can be cooked and eaten cold in salads, cooked in stews, ground into a flour called gram flour (also known as chickpea flour and besan and used frequently in Indian cuisine), ground and shaped in balls or stirred into a batter and baked. Often also used as a binder, this is one of the most versatile of legumes.

Savory Lentil Pancakes
Auto Draft Serving Size: 8-9 pancakesCalories per serving: 172Fat per serving: 0.5gms A pancake that is not only delicious but also is also a great source of protein for vegetarians. Perfect for lunch or dinner. Since it is very high in fiber, these pancakes fill you up quickly and you can assured that you wouldn't Continue Reading
Roasted Spicy Chickpeas
Auto Draft Serving Size: 6Calories per serving: 158Fat per serving: 8.3gms Finding a healthy snack to munch on has always been an issue with me. My eyes would always waft to the spicy Indian deep-fried snacks and I would definitely regret it later on. But I think I have hit the spot with this crunchy Continue Reading
Spicy Cilantro Yogurt Sauce
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Mediterranean Salad
Mediterranean Salad Serving Size: 2Calories per serving: 104Fat per serving: 1.6g This makes the perfect appetizer for any meal...especially if you're watching your portions. The red bell pepper has a crisp freshness in every bite while the other ingredients only add to the delicate flavors of this delicious salad. Just a sprinkle of salt and Continue Reading
Chickpea Scallion Pancakes
Chickpea Scallion Pancakes Serving Size: 10-12 pancakesCalories per serving: 126Fat per serving: 2.4gms In the mood for some savory pancakes without all the gluten? Try these simple, light and earthy chickpea pancakes - packed with the dose of protein. Also known as soccas in French or Poodas in northern India, these traditional pancakes are great Continue Reading
Spicy Chickpeas
Spicy Chickpeas Serving Size: 4-6Calories per serving: 173Fat per serving: 1.8gms A spicy north Indian dish eaten with naan, basmati rice or can even be served on a baguette. The garnishing makes all the difference for me – spring onions or parsley if you’re serving on a baguette and cilantro leaves for a more traditional Continue Reading
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