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Fillo dough

Organic whole wheat fillo dough contains very little fat, no cholesterol, no preservatives and no trans fat. Perfect for creating a wide variety of healthy and nutritious appetizers, entrees and desserts with extra crispiness. It has no cholesterol, no trans fat, sugar free, vegan and yeast free.

Mushroom Phyllo Cigars
Mushroom Phyllo Cigars Serving Size: 6 people or 12 cigarsCalories per serving: 214Fat per serving: 15.4gms Mmmm...crispy crunchy phyllo flakes and a warm, cheesey, salty interior that melts in your mouth - what more could you ask for from a snack? Everyone in my home just loves these cigars. They're a little tedious to make Continue Reading
Spinach Spanakota
Spinach Spanakota Serving Size: 4Calories per serving: 248Fat per serving: 19gms Crunchy, moist and bursting with flavor, Spanakotas or Spanakopitas are one of my favorite Greek dishes. Super easy to make with ready-made phyllo (whole wheat of course!) and you can be as creative as you want. I've even added mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes to Continue Reading
Mushroom Phyllo Cups
Mushroom Phyllo Cups Serving Size: 15-16 mini cupsCalories per serving: 35Fat per serving: 3gms If you’re looking for a quick, easy and fancy-looking hors d’oeuvres to serve at a get together, you’re in for a treat...and so are your guests. I always enjoy getting ready-made pockets or shells and experimenting with my own fillings. Phyllo Continue Reading
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