Lemons are oval in shape and feature a yellow, texturized outer peel. Like other citrus fruits, their inner flesh is encased in eight to ten segments. Usually smaller than lemons, limes are oval or round in shape having a diameter of one to two inches with green flesh and skin. They can be either sour or sweet depending on the variety. While both are available throughout the year, lemons are in the peak of their season around May, June and August while limes are at their peak from May through October.
Lemons and limes contain unique flavonoid compounds that have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. In addition to their unique phytonutrient properties, lemons and limes are an excellent source of vitamin C, providing almost 46% of your daily value needs. In addition to boosting immunity, vitamic C is one of the most important antioxidants in nature. Lemons and limes, have also shown to provide humans with protection against inflammatory polyarthritis, a form of rheumatoid arthritis involving two or more joints.

Cucumber Lime Mint Water
Cucumber Lime Mint Water Calories per serving: 45Fat per serving: 0.3g This is my favorite refreshing home made drink for the summer. I like to eat little bits of cucumber so I cut them small enough so they can pour out into a glass. while the mint and lime stay infused in the water. The Continue Reading
Melt-in-your-mouth Eggplant
Melt-in-your-mouth Eggplant Serving Size: 2-3Calories per serving: 51Fat per serving: 1.9g One of my favorite meatier vegetables is eggplant because it's got such a unique taste, is super juicy and hardly needs any seasoning to bring that taste out. This is a simple and healthy way to cook it at home. The light seasoning helps Continue Reading
Vita-rich Sweet Potato
Vita-rich Sweet Potato Serving Size: 1 sweet potato (per person)Calories per serving: 103Fat per serving: 0.2g If you want a healthy snack there's nothing like a hot, juicy sweet potato to satisfy every craving! What can be easier than popping it into the oven (I use my toaster oven) and just sprinkling some pepper and Continue Reading
Chimichurri Kebabs with Yogurt Dip
Chimichurri Kebabs Serving Size: 6 sticksCalories per serving: 242Fat per serving: 18.1g Summer is the perfect time to grill and I often quickly chop up fresh veggies and tofu to make light kebabs. The secret is in the sauce though - it can make or break your kebab! This Chimichurri sauce is my all time Continue Reading
Mediterranean Salad
Mediterranean Salad Serving Size: 2Calories per serving: 104Fat per serving: 1.6g This makes the perfect appetizer for any meal...especially if you're watching your portions. The red bell pepper has a crisp freshness in every bite while the other ingredients only add to the delicate flavors of this delicious salad. Just a sprinkle of salt and Continue Reading
Lemon Date Smoothie
Lemon Date Smoothie Serving Size: 3-4 glassesCalories per serving: 103 Fat per serving: 0.3gms This smoothie is a meal in itself. Great breakfast filled with the goodness of lemon juice, bananas and dates. This is our first recipe with dates and I realized how versatile this fruit is when I put it into a drink. Continue Reading
Peppered Cauliflower
Auto Draft Serving Size: 2-4 peopleCalories per serving: 78Fat per serving: 7.0gms I wasn't very fond of cauliflower, but this dish turned me into a fan! Its beauty truly lies in simplicity...the aromas, the peppery taste mixed with the sweetness of the bell peppers, and the crunchy texture of the slightly-browned cauliflower come together in Continue Reading
Moroccan Fish Tagine
Moroccan Fish Tagine Serving Size: 2-4 peopleCalories per serving: 379Fat per serving: 16.2gms Ever since we came back from Marrakesh last year, this dish has been on the menu agenda. This fish Tagine will make you experience the tastes and sights of walking down the souks of Marrakesh. It's filled with bursts of flavors and Continue Reading
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