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Mushroom Pepper Toasts
Veggies on a Baguette Serving Size: 3Calories per serving: 105Fat per serving: 2.7g This simple way to snack on healthy cooked veggies is delicious! It's a quick appetizer which can get fancier on the basis of how you serve it - on a baguette or even on oven warmed pita bread nicely cut to individual Continue Reading
Spicy Cilantro Yogurt Sauce
Yogurt Sauce Serving Size: 3-4Calories per serving: 111Fat per serving: 3.1g I eat this yogurt sauce every week almost because it helps with digestion and everyone knows how good yogurt is for our bodies! This simple way to cook it offers a change from the mundane way we generally eat yogurt and makes a perfectly Continue Reading
Melt-in-your-mouth Eggplant
Melt-in-your-mouth Eggplant Serving Size: 2-3Calories per serving: 51Fat per serving: 1.9g One of my favorite meatier vegetables is eggplant because it's got such a unique taste, is super juicy and hardly needs any seasoning to bring that taste out. This is a simple and healthy way to cook it at home. The light seasoning helps Continue Reading
Black Eyed Crostinis
Black Eyed Peas on a Baguette Serving Size: 4Calories per serving: 216Fat per serving: 0.3g This high in fiber and iron recipe literally melts in your mouth. It’s pretty simple and so nutritious for the family. The best part is the versatility of how you can serve it. My favorite way is on a hot Continue Reading
Eggplant Aglio Olio
Eggplant Aglio Olio Serving Size: 4Calories per serving: 194Fat per serving: 5.3gms I was bored of the same old tomato or cheese based sauces and wanted to try something different with my spaghetti. This recipe is an interesting South Indian twist to the original Italian Aglio Olio. I love the peppery zing of the chilli Continue Reading
Chicken in a Spicy Sauce
Chicken in a Spicy Sauce Serving Size: 4-6Calories per serving: 273Fat per serving: 11.1g What can you say about chicken cooked in a spicy, zesty sauce....nothing but delicious! It’s a staple in every Indian home because it brings back those flavors right from the Homeland. Everyone’s chicken curry tastes different - try mine out, I’m Continue Reading
Sweet Corn Soup
Sweet Corn Soup Serving Size: 2-4Calories per serving: 91Fat per serving: 1.7g This one pot soup is perfect for a quick snack or can be accompanied with hot toast for any meal. The blended veggies give the soup it's creamy base while the corn kernels offer that wholesome bite. It's delicious, quick and so simple! Continue Reading
Semolina Crepes
Auto Draft Serving Size: 3-5Calories per serving: 301 Fat per serving: 1.7gm Semolina is a rich source of protein, very low in cholesterol. You’d be surprised at how versatile this main ingredient can be! Eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner along with a sauce to accompany it's almost tasteless flavor; my favorite being a Continue Reading
Turmeric Pickle
Turmeric Pickle Serving Size: Accompanies 20-30 meals as a sideCalories per serving: 0Fat per serving: 0gms Turmeric has innumerable health benefits from cancer fighting to skin healing so I am always trying to find ways to add it to my food. I put it as a powder to any Indian cooking I do and sometime Continue Reading
Lemon Cleanse
Lemon Cleanse Serving Size: 2 (per glass)Calories per serving: 0Fat per serving: 0gms All of these ingredients provide essential nutrients and benefit our bodies in some way individually, so when put together they create this perfect blend and great flavor which also provide for a nice body cleanse. I usually have a pitcher on hand Continue Reading
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