Baked Enoki Boats
Baked Enoki Boats Serving Size: 8 boatsCalories per serving: 36Fat per serving: 3gms This dish is a party favorite of mine, especially with kids around. They love the playful shape of the boats and the noodle-like mushrooms. With a simple preparation that easy to do, you can even involve your kids in helping you make Continue Reading
Edamame Leek Soup
Edamame Leeks Soup Serving Size: 2Calories per serving: 176Fat per serving: 7.0gms What I love about this soup is that I can have it hot or cold. Its deliciously smooth and creamy (without the cream) and full of phytonutrients from the green edmame and leeks. Slightly sweet and boldly flavored, I could have this time Continue Reading
Mushroom Pepper Toasts
Veggies on a Baguette Serving Size: 3Calories per serving: 105Fat per serving: 2.7g This simple way to snack on healthy cooked veggies is delicious! It's a quick appetizer which can get fancier on the basis of how you serve it - on a baguette or even on oven warmed pita bread nicely cut to individual Continue Reading
Spicy Cilantro Yogurt Sauce
Yogurt Sauce Serving Size: 3-4Calories per serving: 111Fat per serving: 3.1g I eat this yogurt sauce every week almost because it helps with digestion and everyone knows how good yogurt is for our bodies! This simple way to cook it offers a change from the mundane way we generally eat yogurt and makes a perfectly Continue Reading
Baked Asian Salmon
Baked Asian Salmon Serving Size: 2Calories per serving: 262Fat per serving: 25g June Chef's Hat Winner - Sahir Arif writes..."Trying to find a good source of Omega-3 for my pregnant wife, we bought some fresh wild salmon at our local organic store and marinated it with some amazing flavors. If you know fresh wild salmon, Continue Reading
Melt-in-your-mouth Eggplant
Melt-in-your-mouth Eggplant Serving Size: 2-3Calories per serving: 51Fat per serving: 1.9g One of my favorite meatier vegetables is eggplant because it's got such a unique taste, is super juicy and hardly needs any seasoning to bring that taste out. This is a simple and healthy way to cook it at home. The light seasoning helps Continue Reading
Chilli Garlic Baked Cauliflower
Spicy Baked Cauliflower Serving Size: 2Calories per serving: 21Fat per serving: 0.1g I ate this deliciously simple and ultra low in calories and fat snack as an appetizer and absolutely had to replicate it at home. The cauliflower has a nice crunch to it and tastes so good with the hint of the spice and Continue Reading
Fried Rice
Fried Rice Serving Size: 2-3Calories per serving: 136Fat per serving: 3g This is not only the easiest way to use your rice in the fridge - but the tastiest too. Imagine eating fried rice without any soy sauce! I thought nothing much of it till I tried what my cousin cooked for her little 2 Continue Reading
Soy Glazed Baked Chicken Wings
Soy Glazed Baked Chicken Wings Serving Size: 3Calories per serving: 505Fat per serving: 18.4g I need my chicken wing craving every now and then...but not the greasy ones you get outside. I started making these oven baked wings which are even tastier and juicier than ever! Top them with the tangy soy glaze and you've Continue Reading
Chimichurri Kebabs with Yogurt Dip
Chimichurri Kebabs Serving Size: 6 sticksCalories per serving: 242Fat per serving: 18.1g Summer is the perfect time to grill and I often quickly chop up fresh veggies and tofu to make light kebabs. The secret is in the sauce though - it can make or break your kebab! This Chimichurri sauce is my all time Continue Reading
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