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Under the Weather

Turmeric Pickle
Turmeric Pickle Serving Size: Accompanies 20-30 meals as a sideCalories per serving: 0Fat per serving: 0gms Turmeric has innumerable health benefits from cancer fighting to skin healing so I am always trying to find ways to add it to my food. I put it as a powder to any Indian cooking I do and sometime Continue Reading
Lemon Cleanse
Lemon Cleanse Serving Size: 2 (per glass)Calories per serving: 0Fat per serving: 0gms All of these ingredients provide essential nutrients and benefit our bodies in some way individually, so when put together they create this perfect blend and great flavor which also provide for a nice body cleanse. I usually have a pitcher on hand Continue Reading
Chickpea Scallion Pancakes
Chickpea Scallion Pancakes Serving Size: 10-12 pancakesCalories per serving: 126Fat per serving: 2.4gms In the mood for some savory pancakes without all the gluten? Try these simple, light and earthy chickpea pancakes - packed with the dose of protein. Also known as soccas in French or Poodas in northern India, these traditional pancakes are great Continue Reading
Green Tea
Green Tea (Spiced) Serving Size: 1 person (1 cup)Calories per serving: 22Fat per serving: 0gms A feel good hot drink on a day that I've got the sniffles or just low on energy. It’s a quick make - just needs some time to sit on the stove so all the flavors are blended together well. Continue Reading
Chicken Soup
  Chicken Soup Serving Size: 2-4Calories per serving: 340Fat per serving: 12.5gms Homemade chicken soup brings me back to my mom’s kitchen. This soup’s ingredients give me the pick-me-up that my body needs once the winter sets in. It’s easy to make and always cures me at the onset of a cold or sore throat. Continue Reading
Saudi Champagne
Saudi Champagne Serving Size: 4-6 glassesCalories per serving: 97Fat per serving: 0.2gms Living through the hot summers of Saudi Arabia, my family and I loved drinking (and chewing on) this refreshing concoction. It instantly cools you down with its minty aftertaste and fruity sweetness. Of course it is totally non-alcoholic and can be made in Continue Reading
Tofulicious Wheat Pie
Tofulicious Wheat Pie Serving Size: 4Calories per serving: 184Fat per serving: 10.5gms This wheat pie is wholesome goodness with a delicious crust. I use a healthy ready-made crust when I'm in a hurry and quickly add in the filling. It's good old comfort food that fills your belly and warms your heart. Ingredients1 whole wheat Continue Reading
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