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Roasting is generally used for cooking dishes with a sauce base like curries or any dish that needs a tomato, onion base of flavor. First the onions are slowly browned, then tomatoes are added in and cooked on a medium flame with occasional stirring to prevent burning. The tomato-onion mixture becomes like a paste and loses it’s water.

Roasted Cauliflower
Roasted Cauliflower Prep Time: 10 minutesCook Time: 35 minutesTotal Time: 45 minutes Serving Size: 1 cupCalories per serving: 25 Load up on the healthy stuff, full of antioxidants and fiber! This is the simplest way to serve veggies as a side AND you'll feel full longer with this fiber rich food. Carb count..only 3 net Continue Reading
Saffron Almond Milk
Saffron Almond Milk Serving Size: 2-3 glassesCalories per serving: 106Fat per serving: 3.5gms My brother and I always used to rush to the refrigerator once we got back home from school because amma (mom) almost always had treats in store for us. Sometime it was fruit juice from our favorite store, paneer soda (Rose water Continue Reading
Roasted Spicy Chickpeas
Auto Draft Serving Size: 6Calories per serving: 158Fat per serving: 8.3gms Finding a healthy snack to munch on has always been an issue with me. My eyes would always waft to the spicy Indian deep-fried snacks and I would definitely regret it later on. But I think I have hit the spot with this crunchy Continue Reading
Tomato Mustard Relish
Tomato Mustard Relish Serving Size: 2Calories per serving: 46Fat per serving: 2.5gms This delicious twist to a good old salsa or relish is such a party favorite! I first tried it in Ranchi, India, at my brother-in-law's house where his mom passed down this family recipe to her kids and friends. Mustard oil gives this Continue Reading
Coastal Cabbage Coconut Delight
Auto Draft Serving Size: 4Calories per serving: 66Fat per serving: 4.6gms This crunchy, coconutty mix of cabbage from the southern coasts of India is an easy, delicious and super quick way to have your veggies and love them too! Benefit from both the antioxidant-filled cabbage and the good-fat-filled coconut. Plus turmeric helps boost your immunity Continue Reading
Creamy Yogurt Kebabs
Creamy Yogurt Kebabs Serving Size: 6 kebabsCalories per serving: 125Fat per serving: 8gms Yes you read right...these are kebabs made from yogurt. Not only are they vegetarian, but they are super creamy and bursting with flavors of ginger, garlic and cilantro. My favorite part of these kebabs is the contrasting textures of the crunchy filling Continue Reading
Chicken in a Spicy Sauce
Chicken in a Spicy Sauce Serving Size: 4-6Calories per serving: 273Fat per serving: 11.1g What can you say about chicken cooked in a spicy, zesty sauce....nothing but delicious! It’s a staple in every Indian home because it brings back those flavors right from the Homeland. Everyone’s chicken curry tastes different - try mine out, I’m Continue Reading
Chocolate Biscotti Amandine
Chocolate Biscotti Amandine Serving Size: 20-24 bicottisCalories per serving: 80Fat per serving: 2.3gms Do you crave for a crunchy wholesome accompaniment to dunk into your morning hot tea or evening coffee? I simply love this recipe as I know I’m getting a punch of nutritious wheat goodness filled with toasted nutty flavor and natural sweetness. Continue Reading
Eggs in a Nest
Eggs in a Nest Serving Size: 1Calories per serving: 224Fat per serving: 11.7gm This recipe is low in calories and has healthy doses of protein, veggies and carbs. It can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Scrambled tofu works just as well, without taking anything away in terms of taste or nutrition. Ingredients2 whole Continue Reading
Red Kidney Beans
Red Kidney Beans Serving Size: 4-8Calories per serving: 298Fat per serving: 1.3gms This tangy tomato, onion based sauce mixed with red kidney beans not only gives you a protein boost but hits a spot on your palette. The mildness of kidney beans combined with a few Indian spices creates the best compliment of flavors. Ingredients3 Continue Reading
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